Frequently Asked Questions is Matrimonial Site meant only for Daivadnya Brahmin Samaj People. It's a small step to help parents to find perfect partner for there loved ones.
We offer a superior match-making experience for prospective brides and grooms to meet and communicate with each other by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build lifelong relationships. We are trying to unite Daivadnya Brahmin community people who are settled all over globe.
The site is committed towards providing a platform which believes in uniting like-minded souls of Daivadnya Brahmin community so that they can speak their heart out and know their prospective matches better. On LoveToMarry, the process of finding someone special is simple and quick. All you need to do is register your profile on our site, specify your preferred partner criteria and begin with your life partner search get there contact details from our team members .
You can always make sure to follow some Do's and Don'ts while registering with us.

Complete your profile at the time of registration for better match results.

Verify your phone no. and your email address to receive timely information and notifications from LoveToMarry.

Add photos to your profile to be seen in matrimonial search .

Add your social and professional network to your LoveToMarry account to find common contacts and interests and develop better communication with prospective matches.

Add complete details about your desired partner.

Add your astro details for horoscope matching.

Add your education, occupation, lifestyle and religious information.

Add your hobbies, interests and your family details to make an impressive profile.

Please make sure to add relevant and correct information in all the fields so that we are able to suggest suitable matches.

Also please describe yourself as much as you can in the second stage of registration as elaborate information about you gives better understanding of your personality and suggesting suitable matches becomes easier.

After registration is complete, please remember to update your profile regularly as profile with updated information get better and fresh matches.

Revisit Site after every 2-3 Days to view the latest added profiles


Do not leave any field incomplete while registering and creating your profile.

Don't forget to add a nice profile picture.

Do not provide incorrect and irrelevant information related to your profile.

That message signifies that you are already registered with the same email ID which you are trying to input and you cannot register with the same ID again. Or you can create a profile with a new email ID. And, in case you are trying to register on behalf of both your son and daughter, then you have to create two different profiles with two separate email IDs.
Partner Preference essentially includes details that you would desire in your preferred partner. This gives us a better understanding of your ideal partner and we suggest matches based on your preferences. Also, it helps other members understand what kind of life partner you are exactly looking for.
You can write to us at or share your feedback with us and we will surely help you out.
You have the option of uploading your photograph on Update Profile Page available in Menu. You can upload maximum of 5 photographs
A picture is worth a thousand words and makes your profile impressive. Our statistics have clearly revealed that adding photographs to your matrimonial profile not only increases the number of times your profile is viewed but also multiplies the level of responses to your profile. And in addition, it enables you to get featured in Photo Searches.

The image file should be in JPG, GIF or PNG Format.

Size of each photograph must not exceed 4 MB.

The ideal width & height is more than 260(W) x 360(H) pixels or 3.5(W) x 5(H) inches or 9(W) x 13(H) cm.

Moreover, your chosen photograph(s) must be in accordance with the socially acceptable standards. reserves the right to remove/delete any photograph that violates socially accepted norms of decency and/or contains any form of nudity.

Also, do not post caricatures or copyrighted images.

Upload the picture from your computer

Login with your Email ID

Click on "My Home"

Click on "Update Profile"

Click on "Photo Album"

Click on the "Browse" button, select a photograph you want to upload from your computer and click on "Upload". You can upload up to 5 photographs .

It's recommended to add photo of your kundali

Also, you can choose any of the privacy options provided at this stage.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to add a photograph to your profile as we have ensured that the privacy controls remain in your command. All your posted photographs are coded and tamperproof. Moreover, you have the facility to display your photo only to members you are interested in. Finally, you can change your photo display settings whenever you want to. Currently we won't display your photo it would be done offline by our team members
Just click on Change password present on top of site.
You can view Minimum 10 profiles in year. There is no Maximum Limit but in a week you can view 2-3 Profiles only if you have rejected previous profiles
After registration we would verify your account. Our verification involves following steps 1> Whether you are Daivadnya Brahmin 2> Whether you have provided complete and correct details 3> What's your partner preference If this verification is successfull you would be able to login and view profiles
You have to send the screenshot of payment done via our respective Wallet mode mentioned by our customer support team. Our Finance team would verify the screenshot and would activate your account. You have to search your partner in search option If you loved someone profile you could contact our customer support team for the number and photo's
While verification we view the photo personally to assure genuinity of profiles Many Local Agent have tried to misuse our system due to which we have to take this step Many parents have shown concern for uploading photo. We ensured that the privacy controls remain in your command. Till all parents are assured about safety and privacy of there photos we won't display photos on site.
Yes, You can but we should be assure you won't misuse our system. For certain months we would be examining your performance and would be paid on commissions based. If we found your performance as per our requirement we would be hiring you on our payroll.
There is no eligibility criteria. No work location ,No time and number of profile restriction till you are on commission. If you are on payroll then there would be restriction on number of profiles that has to be provided in a month.

We deactivate profile if we get any information about relations between profile member and Paid Var Suchak mandal. Please understand that we take this precaution with all of our members for the sake of protecting privacy and confidentiality of other profiles.

Our actions are the result of careful investigation by our team of dedicated specialists, taking into account the interests of our profiles. Though you might be disappointed with our decision, we're unable to reinstate your account.

Our statistics have clearly revealed that providing multiple profiles create Overchoice or Choice Overload
We can guarantee number of profiles . But it's not in our hand that how your partner would look.

Our Current Annual charges are Rs. 2000/-. Which is nearly Rs. 6/- day which is less than a cup of tea.

Even if you think it's too costly we are soon launching a scheme where you have to pay amount for profile you wish to view or contact.

So, if you're able to find your partner in first two profile you can save your charges

There are three types of Daivadnya Brahmins with three different languages.

1> Gomantak (Konkani,Marathi)

2> Mumbaikar(Marathi)

3> Karwari/Karnataka (Kannada,Konkani and some what of marathi).

Few Surnames in Gomantak are Raikar/Salkar/Nasnodkar/Tar/Vernekar/Karekar.

Few Surnames in Mumbaikar are Pitale/Powale/Vedpathak/Vaidya/Jattar/Masurekar.

Few Surnames in Karwari/Karnataka are Hegde/Sheth/Kurtarkar/Kudalkar.

Had found some people contacting our profiles in order to extract money to get more profiles even being offline till now.

So even being online they have to go through our channel to get there full name, phone number and photo's.

So, our suggestion would be if you found any member suggesting to join or pay to certain people do let us know, we would take strict action on such profiles.

Our motive is to help members to find there Life partner but due to some, they are finding it hard to do so.

Currently, You have to send us a mail with the unique code of profile you are interested

We would send profile details by EOD.

Please note : It's two-three in a week that too if and only if you have rejected previous two profiles.